Young Cebuano author launches first ever book

Teenage author Danbryan Eleazar Go released his first book entitled Devices at Fully Booked in Ayala Center Cebu yesterday, April 12, 2019.

The book launching featured the author reading an excerpt from the novel. It highlighted the book signing and reviews from those who have read the book.

Under his pen name Floro Alterra Pama, the eighteen-year-old university student wrote a novel of the science fiction genre originally published last January 17, 2018.

“I wanted to do something worthwhile with my summer vacation”, said Danbryan of his reason for writing the book.

He started writing Devices in 2017. “Without the encouragement and support from my family and friends, I don’t think I would be a published author at 17,” added the young author.

For his pen name, Danbryan chose to combine the names of his grandparents from both sides, in honor of their influence on him. By fusing the names – Floro Eleazar, Go Aleng, Terrisitta Bacalla, and Perla Pama Go – he honors their legacy.

As a published author for so young an age, Danbryan hopes he can inspire young Cebuanos like him to pursue their passion as well.

The Synopsis

Devices tells the story of character “Kat”. She awakens into a time and place unknown and greeted by a strange man telling her that she is to learn a great deal about the world that she is in and of the events that made it through the eyes of a machine called “The Almanac”.

However, even with Kat seemingly infinite intelligence she is still left oblivious to the world outside the confinements of her room, eventually she uncovers piece by piece the destruction of man’s own makings, and the ultimate revelation to her own design.

Devices is now available at Fully Booked nationwide and at major bookstores worldwide. The e-book version is also available online.
Floro Alterra Pama is currently writing his next novel.

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