SYKES joins the Transformation Summit in Cebu

The BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) pioneer in Cebu SYKES stood out in the recently held Transformation Summit as it introduces S1402020, a human robot that symbolizes how the company survived and evolved in this digital age.

“The future of SYKES and the future of the BPO industry,” said SYKES Cebu Center Director for Robinsons Galleria Site Kris Villaba of S1402020, who was featured in the video presentation they showed before her talk.   

In the same video presentation, SYKES has detailed how 15 years ago had they visioned about evolution and the digitization of the BPO industry. “It’s not only SYKES that strive to be digital,” said Villaba.

According to Villaba, customers need blended customer experience.

“There is a real need for human interaction in the customer service process. And by virtue of participating in these interactions, we also acknowledge the convenience and the efficiency that automation brings to the table,” she said.

Kris Villaba, the Center Director for SYKES Cebu Robinson Galleria Site, was among the speakers during the recently held Transformation Summit in Summit Galleria Cebu.

Voice support decreases

An insight shared by Villaba shows a decrease of voice support in favor of online channels.

“Today’s customers have very high expectations of the experience, service should be instant and accurate, and options other than voice should be available,” said the SYKES executive.

“In fact, the popularity of voice support has decreased by almost 20% over the past three years in favor of digital channels such as live chat support, digital self service, email and social media support,” added Villaba.

By automating the simple, she said the tedious tasks such as resetting passwords, generating printable labels, checking order status, RPA (robotics process automation) satisfies progressive customer expectation, thus impacted their customers.

However, Villaba also cited the importance of the human role.  “Customer still needs human engagement. Agents can resolve complicated issues”.

The SYKES team with their human robot named S1402020 stationed at the SYKES booth during the recently held Transformation Summit in Cebu City.

Digital disruptors

With SYKES having successfully evolved, Villaba pointed out that digitization is essential to survive. She shared during the same talk a few steps to becoming digital disruptor.

The first step, said Villaba, is to develop a strategic agenda for change.  “There has to be a company-wide mindset transformation and the change should begin at the heart”.  

Next is to learn from customers, competitors and partners too.  Lastly, the SYKES official said there is a need to bring in digital-nation leaders.

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