‘Mangopreneurs’ gather at first ever Cebu Mangoes Festival

Celebrating Cebu’s delectable mangoes, a two-day Mango Bazaar was among the highlights of the recently launched Cebu Mangoes Festival at The Mactan Newtown in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines.

“There’s no better way to feature our favorite mangoes than to gather sellers of mango-related services and products,” said Steven Sasam of Green Concepts and Events, who organized the festival together with Azul Marketing + Events.

A total of 14 exhibitors joined the Mango Bazaar offering the festival spectators with their mango-inspired souvenirs, food and drinks, tours, and more.  

The booths of Islands Souvenirs, Emperador, Quest Hotels and Resorts, Man-Goo, Fruity Deli, Eighty Eight Mango, Profood International Corp., Department of Tourism, Department of Agriculture, Nature’s Legacy, BonAce, Coquille by Hanz Coquilla, Amano by Dexter Alazas, and Active Hub were truly a delight, adding more color to the first ever Cebu Mangoes Festival.

“We are happy that the exhibitors were able to showcase in one place how Cebu mangoes are much a part of the Cebuano culture.  We got good feedback and rest assured that we will come up with a better and more exciting festival next year,” said Mafe Castillo of Azul Marketing + Events.

Department of Tourism (DOT) 7 Director Shalimar Hofer Tamano, for his part, in an earlier statement said: “The Mangoes Festival is a welcomed event in addition to the farm and culinary tourism activities including Mango Pocket FarmVisits, Mango Farm Tour Circuits offering delightful experiences from mango farms to specialty restaurants, to mango museums, all to the souvenir shops with mango-inspired products. A mango journey at best!”

Biggest mango sago

Other than the Mango Bazaar, another highlight of the festivity was the biggest mango sago (tapioca) dessert.  It was made out of 300 kilos of mangoes that were harvested from Mactan Newtown’s very own mango trees. More than 20 mango trees are lined up at the township.

In a TV interview, Megaworld Cebu Inc. President said that the mango trees have been up before the buildings were even constructed. “These trees have been here since 2011, long before the buildings have been up. Per year, we have about 700 to 900 kilos, on the second year at 5,000 kilos and this year about 10,000 kilos”.

Locals and foreigners  also enjoyed the mango picking activity during the event.  There was mango zumba for the health conscious attendees plus a mangamazing concert that wowed the crowd.

“It was a very successful first ever Cebu Mangoes Festival. In behalf of the organizers, I would like to thank all those who supported the event especially Megaworld for spearheading the festival. We’d like to thank the government, the exhibitors and most of all the spectators who joined us for the two-day festivity,” Sasam said.

Here are a glimpse of the first Cebu Mangoes Festival captured in lens.

Watch this video to re-live the happenings at Cebu Mangoes Festival.

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