Lady off-roader opens car wash business

When you think about cars, you may quickly regard it as a male thing. Well, you’ve got to think again ‘coz you’d be surprised to find out that Keeping It Clean Car Wash and Auto Detailing (KIC) is owned and run by a fine young lady.

Using up her savings, Reylyn “Mayen” Rayo launched her car wash business last January 2017.  She started then in Castle Peak but recently moved to the parking lot of The Greenery in Pope John Paul II Avenue in Kasambagan, Cebu City.

“Our new location is bigger with four (4) parking slots. We can now accommodate more cars.  In Castle Peak before, we are able to wash 10 to 15 cars a day. At The Greenery, we can accommodate on average up to 20 cars a day,” said Rayo.

From air, sea to land

Rayo has been into several industries before she reached the car industry.  She made a career in Northwest Airlines, spent five years in Star Cruise where she was able to visit different countries, and became an agent in Hyundai when she came back to Cebu.

She shared that her joining Hyundai was sort of by accident.  “I was on vacation from work and I only accompanied a friend of mine to buy a car.  I was able to help sold a sports car that hasn’t been moving for months. They invited me to become an agent.”

Rayo was doing great and her new career as an agent further paved way for her first business, which is buy and sell.  “It is really my character to talk to people or engage them in a conversation. It helps a lot to have friends and create a network,” she said, adding that her clients at KIC are mostly her network and their referrals.

Not often a girl’s passion, Rayo admitted to have been drawn to off-roading too.  On her free time, even while she was still working and haven’t started yet her car wash business, she would go out with her friends for some off-road adventure.

“A friend just invited me one time to try off-roading.  And I instantly love the sport,” added Rayo.

Running the biz

Rayo is hands-on when it comes to operating KIC.  Because she is very keen to details, she would personally choose her suppliers for coating and other car wash cleaning materials.   

“We are very happy that our clients will tell us how much they like our service.  We are also fortunate to have built loyal clients,” said Rayo. “I also teach my staff to do upselling and our clients appreciate that they are able to recommend what’s best for their cars.”

KIC offers affordable car wash service with a small car only at Php 130 for a body wash plus tireblack.  They also do detailing both exterior and interior. An interior detailing for a sedan as an example will take about three days.

Since last May 2018, KIC has been accommodating home service car wash too.  “We have clients who would prefer home service and as much as possible we accommodate such requests,” Rayo said.

As business is doing good, Rayo admitted she has been receiving inquiries for franchise.  “There are at least five (5) who are interested to franchise. But I have no knowledge about franchising.  I have still to think about it,” she added.

KIC is open Mondays to Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and on Sundays at 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  For inquiries, you may call +63.916.7777210

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